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TRANSACTIONS (55° 15' 0'' North)2003-2004

Transactions was activated in 2003 as a series of parallel research programmes. The Transactions series used the model of a Community Design Charette, which is a discursive device borrowed from architecture, to bring together teams of people to develop ideas around the themes of periphery, identity, community and cultural participation. The Transaction series also included exchange with international artists, arts organisations and curators.

Transaction1: Location and community took place in collaboration with Rick Lowe, Founding Director of Project Row Houses, Houston, Texas. Rick was in conversation with arts and community development practitioners and local council members about issues that emerge in relation to the development of cultural work within communities in an international context and within the region locally. Participants included Michael Heaney, Director Culture and Environment Unit, Donegal County Council, Annette Patton, Manager, Social Economy Solutions, Annette Moloney Public Art Specialist, Arts Council of Ireland and Ailbhe Murphy, Artist.

Subsequent charette-like events in the Transactions series were carried out in collaboration with the Inishowen Development Partnership and the Social Inclusion Programme.

Transactions aimed to create a model of practice that could be used by other community and cultural agencies. An air of consensus and exchange prevailed in this work, redefining the potential of cultural practices through an exploration and critical interface with local communities.

COLLABORATORS: Project Row Houses, Arts Council of Ireland, Inishowen Development Partnership, Social Inclusion Programme, CAIT Initiative, Culture and Environment Unit (Donegal County Council), STEPS Lone Parent Project, Farset (Cross Border Initiative), International Conflict Research Centre, (INCORE) University of Ulster, Moville Family Resource Centre, Community Workers Co-op, Department of Urban Studies Rutgers University at Camden and Limavady College.

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