North 55


North-55 is a socially engaged visual arts organisation which develops site-specific public art that engages divergent communities on civic issues on a cross-border basis. North-55 has shaped a hybrid form of cultural practice that utilises an inter-disciplinary approach, fusing cultural and aesthetic pursuits with community development processes. North-55 establishes new coalitions with other arts, community and statutory organisations through long-term partnerships, thus creating a cultural corridor where innovative ideas are visualised and articulated across the region. North-55 promotes critical art practices and cultural strategies through projects, ongoing research and public forums.


To act as a catalyst for the development of innovative cross-border projects, that utilise a multi-disciplinary approach.

To initiate collaborative site-specific projects that target marginalised groups, encourage access to the arts, and engage diverse audiences.

To develop strategies that breach cultural isolation and create a dialogue beyond conflict. North-55 takes full cognisance of cultural diversity in the development and delivery of its programmes.

To promote international collaboration, critical debate, and the dissemination of information, within this area of practice.